Shipping and Fees

The shipping cost of the item needs to be calculated in advance and specified in the ad’s shipping box. There are restrictions on what fees a seller may charge a buyer.

Permitted Items - Trader Pakistan

Permitted Items

  • Enter the total and final shipping cost in the shipping box
  • To specify that the shipping cost consists of any packaging and handling fee in the description
  • To use the reservation price as an option and use it as its lowest selling price
  • To inform in detail in the item description about extra costs for packaging
  • To use secure payment methods in those ads where there are only options on the sales page
Unauthorized Items - Trader Pakistan

Unauthorized Items

  • To offer others, or to opt out of certain payment options in cases where you can only offer a secure payment option
  • Using the freight charge or other methods to avoid or circumvent Trader’s fees
  • To specify a different shipping / packaging fee in the item description than the one specified in the ad’s shipping cost box
  • To charge a reminder fee for unpaid items as a private seller
  • As a company to be exempt from the Consumer Purchase Act, e.g., “I am not responsible for the item’s negligence”
  • To charge the buyer extra fees when paying with a specified payment gateway
  • It is not allowed to print a lowest sale price in the item description unless the optional reservation price is selected
Reason For The Rule

Reason For The Rule

This rule helps buyers understand the total cost of an item. Having reasonable and predetermined freight costs provides good conditions for successful sales. Unexpected fees that are imposed afterwards often lead to buyers being dissatisfied.

More information:

Sellers may charge reasonable shipping costs, including postage, packaging and handling fee. Trader Pakistan does not regulate exactly what a seller may or may not charge, but we take into account notifications received from buyers. All charges must be stated in the total shipping cost.